How to Sync Enhancements in Exalate for ServiceNow

    In ServiceNow, enhancements are improvements to the existing product. Enhancements are available as part of the Agile Development application. You can sync enhancements with Exalate for ServiceNow.


    Outgoing Sync

    Example of a script to send enhancement data:

    if(entityType == "enhancement") {
      replica.short_description = enhancement.short_description
      replica.description = enhancement.description
      replica.correlation_id = enhancement.correlation_id
      replica.correlation_display = enhancement.correlation_display
      replica.assigned_to = enhancement.assigned_to

    This script sends data for the following fields of the enhancement table:

    • short_description
    • description
    • correlation_id
    • correlation_display
    • assigned_to


    Incoming Sync

    Example of a script to receive enhancement data:

    if(entityType == "enhancement") {
      enhancement.short_description = replica.summary
      enhancement.description = replica.description
      enhancement.correlation_id = replica.key
      enhancement.correlation_display = "IDalko-Jira"
      enhancement.assigned_to = nodeHelper.getUserByEmail(replica.assignee?.email)?.key   

    With this script, we can sync data with Jira issues: summaries, descriptions, assignees.

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