Unidirectional Sync for Jira Cloud

    In this article, we  give you an example of a Jira to Jira sync use case.


    Imagine a company employing a standard agile workflow in Jira, augmented with several custom fields beyond the default ones, like Epic Link and Epic Name. The goal is to seamlessly integrate issue, epic, and bug data from a partner's system into their own Jira Cloud environment. This integration needs to be achieved without granting users direct access to the partner's Jira instance, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.


    The Exalate app offers a streamlined solution for this challenge. It enables uni-directional synchronization from your partner’s Jira Cloud instance to your internal one. This setup allows you to have granular control over the types of issues and specific fields that are synchronized, ensuring that only relevant data is shared.

    Get started and configure your first synchronization to see how it works.