How to Sync CreatedDate Field

    This article explains how to sync the Created Date field.


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    The Created Date field is quite specific, as you probably won't change its original value on an issue. You can sync the created date into other fields like description, comment, or a custom field.

    Source side

    Send the created date to the remote side using the code below:

    Outgoing sync

      replica.created = issue.created

    Destination side

    Incoming sync

    You can set the received created date in different fields as follows:

    Set the received value in a created date (applicable only for Jira Server)

    issue.created = replica.created

    Set the received value in a description

     issue.description = replica.created

    Set the received value in a custom field

    issue.customFields."Original Created Date" = replica.created

    Note: Exalate for GitHub app does not support the Created Date field update on a GitHub issue. But you can store the received Created Date field value in a Custom Field.