Jira on-premise - Version 5.1.2

    Released for JIRA ON-PREMISE on Mar 2, 2021

    In this release, we improved multi text format sync for Visual mode connections, improved logging of errors, made various bug fixes, and UI improvements.

    In this release


    ADNODE-296Improved multi text format sync in Visual mode connections
    JIRANODE-3213You can now set a delay period between emails
    EXACOMP-1028Issue type rules are applied only on the first sync
    JIRANODE-3068Improved logging of errors around select list custom fields
    EXACOMP-859Added possibility to check issues that are under sync. Check this article for more details

    Bug fixes

    JIRANODE-3226Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to make a sync through a Visual mode connection between Jira Server and Jira Cloud
    EXACOMP-1004Fixed a bug where a console error appeared after clicking Dismiss
    JCLOUD-1516Fixed a bug where the reporter was synced incorrectly in a local Visual mode connection
    ADNODE-302Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to sync an Area path to a text custom field
    ADNODE-278Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to map custom fields in connections between Azure DevOps and Jira
    EXACOMP-973Fixed a bug with 2 Connect buttons appearing in the Entity Sync panel
    ADNODE-258Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to sync an Area path or an Iteration path to a Jira text custom field
    EXACOMP-639Fixed issue where the connection wasn't shown fully in the work item view

    UI updates

    EXACOMP-981Fixed a bug where expired licenses were shown as valid
    EXAEDIT-1183Fixed icon formatting and button alignment for the Initiate connection and Accept invitation screens in Safari
    ZENDESK-288Fixed alignment of the Go to remote button in the Initiate connection screen
    EXACOMP-1008Updated the look of various buttons, tooltips, and screens
    EXACOMP-968Improved load time of the Bulk Exalate operation in the Triggers tab