Jira on-premise - Version 5.1.7

    Released for JIRA ON-PREMISE on Apr 30, 2021

    In this release, we made a bunch of improvements, bug fixes, and UI updates

    In this release


    EXACOMP-943Improved app performance by reducing the memory consumption of the connection list
    JIRANODE-3291Modified the log for a cluster lock error
    EXACOMP-995Added logging for blob mismatch errors
    EXACOMP-729Improved app security

    Bug fixes

    JIRANODE-3259Fixed a bug when sync wouldn't happen for workflow.Helper.transition method
    JIRANODE-3253Fixed a bug when one of two syncs was skipped after updating an entity from two different instances at the same time
    JIRANODE-3284Fixed a security issue where it was possible to download attachments during sync between Jira on-premise and Azure DevOps
    JIRANODE-3290Fixed a bug where the syncHelper.syncBackAfterProcessing() method wouldn't sync between the same versions of Exalate
    EXACOMP-440Fixed a bug where sync requests weren't removed if a clean-up was running at the same time
    EXACOMP-1047Fixed a bug where some connection-related data wasn't deleted after deleting a connection
    SNOWNODE-302Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to sync entities with ServiceNow
    SNOWNODE-309Fixed a bug where the connection ID was shown instead of the connection name

    UI updates

    EXACOMP-1014Now you can contact an Exalate partner from the License Details menu
    EXACOMP-1015Updated the text of the License Details menu
    EXACOMP-987Updated the notification for errors with attachment sync