How to transfer sync settings when moving from one instance to another


    If you decided to move from one instance to another (e.g. from JIRA Cloud to JIRA Server) and you have an active synchronization setup, you may wonder how to transfer this synchronization to your new instance.

    This article describes how you can resume the synchronization once you have moved your data from JIRA Cloud to JIRA Server. The process is the same when moving from JIRA Server to JIRA Cloud.

    Unlike other synchronization tools, Exalate has an advanced transaction-based synchronization engine where every change is recorded and queued so that it is applied in the correct order.

    In case you're moving data from one instance type to another, please make sure the Sync Rules work for your new platform.


    • Issues that are under sync moved to your new instance.
    • Issue keys remain identical in old and new instances.
    • Configured Connection with the Sync Rules on the new instance.


    1. Use Support tools to Clean-up all sync data on the old instance
    2. Download .csv file with issues mapping.
    3. Bulk Connect issues using the mapping file on the new instance.