Jira Cloud - Version 4.1.7-AC (internal: 5.1.1)

    Released for  JIRA CLOUD on Apr 2, 2021

    In this release, we made a bunch of improvements, bug fixes, and UI updates

    In this release


    ZENDESK-335The redirect URL for Basic connections is generated on the remote side

    Bug fixes

    JCLOUD-1536Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to establish a Basic connection between two Jira Cloud platforms
    JCLOUD-1537Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to sync a custom text field to a custom select list single choice field between Jira Cloud and Jira Server
    ZENDESK-341Fixed a bug when a connection was accepted a second time after deleting a previously accepted connection and refreshing the page
    EXACOMP-1186Fixed a bug when there was a white screen when clicking Go to remote
    EXACOMP-1109Fixed a bug where generating a support.zip file crashed an instance

    UI updates

    ZENDESK-345Added a placeholder for issue key format after creating a Basic connection
    EXACOMP-1198Added a pop-up notifying that a connection already exists
    ZENDESK-337Updated the entity names when creating a Basic connection