How to Manage Stripe Billing Information

    This page details how you can securely modify your payment details using the integrated Stripe Customer Portal.

    1. Navigate to the License Details menu in the Exalate admin console

    2. Click Manage Billing Information

    In this section, you can manage billing information in the following ways:

    Add a New Payment Method

    Follow the steps below to add a new payment method:

    1. Click the Add Payment Method button

    2. Input card information

    3. Click Add to create a new payment method

    Set a Default Payment Method

    To set a default payment method click the three-dots icon next to the payment method name and select Make default.

    Update Existing Billing Information

    Follow the steps below to update existing billing information:

    1. Scroll down to the Billing Information section and click Update Information

    2. Modify the required billing information

    3. Click Save

    Generate the Invoice

    Follow the steps below to generate the invoice:

    1. Scroll down to the Billing History section

    2. Check out the list of completed payments

    3. Clickto generate the invoice for this payment

    4. Click View invoice details to see detailed information

    5. Click Download invoice to save the invoice to your computer

    6. Click Download receipt to save the receipt to your computer

    Click Return to Exalate NV to get back to the Exalate admin panel

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