HP ALM/QC Fields and Entities Available for Synchronization

    This page describes the reference of the entities and fields supported for synchronization from the HP ALM/QC instance.

    Fields Supported in the Test Case entity 

    field name variable type
    1 id testCase.id String
    2 name testCase.summary String
    3 description testCase.description String
    4 creation-time testCase.created Date
    5 last-modified testCase.updated Date
    6 parent-id testCase.parentId String
    7 subtype-id testCase.typeName String
    8 owner testCase.assignee IHubUser
    9 status testCase.status IHubStatus
    10 dev-comments testCase.commentsArea String

    Fields Supported in the Defect Entity 

    field name variable type
    1 id defect.id String
    2 name defect.summary String
    3 description defect.description String
    4 creation-time defect.created Date
    5 last-modified defect.updated Date
    6 severity defect.severityName String
    7 detected-by defect.reporter IHubUser
    8 owner defect.assignee IHubUser
    9 status defect.status IHubStatus
    10 priority defect.priority IHubPriority
    11 project  defect.project String
    12 actual-fix-time defect.timeSpent Long
    13 estimated-fix-time defect.originalEstimate Long
    14 target-rel defect.fixVersions List of IHubVersion
    15 detected-in-rel defect.affectedVersions List of IHubVersion
    16 detected-in-rcyc defect.customKeys."detected-in-rcyc" String
    17 dev-comments defect.commentsArea String
    18 closing-date defect.resolutionDate Date
    19 detection-version defect.customKeys."detection-version" IHubVersion
    20 user fields(e.g "user-01") defect.customFields."BG_USER_01" string