Azure DevOps Fields and Entities Available for Synchronization

    This page describes the reference of the entities and fields supported for synchronization from the Azure DevOps instance.

    You can also sync fields that you get from a REST API call. For more information, please read How to sync work item fields obtained from through a REST API call?

    Fields Supported in Work Item Entity

    field name variable type
    1 Id Int
    2 Key workItem.key String
    3 Title workItem.summary String
    4 Description workItem.description String
    5 Comments workItem.comments Set<Comment>
    6 Attachments workItem.attachments Set<Attachment>
    7 Tags workItem.labels Set<Label>
    8 Priority workItem.priority Priority
    9 AreaPath workItem.areaPath String
    10 IterationPath workItem.iterationPath String
    11 TeamProject workItem.project Project
    12 WorkItemType workItem.type Type
    13 State workItem.status Status
    14 CreatedBy workItem.reporter User
    15 CreatedDate workItem.created Date
    16 AssignedTo workItem.assignee User
    17 ChangedDate workItem.customKeys."Changed Date" String
    18 SystemInfo workItem."Microsoft.VSTS.TCM.SystemInfo" String
    19 ReproSteps workItem."Microsoft.VSTS.TCM.ReproSteps" String
    20 Severity workItem."Microsoft.VSTS.TCM.Severity" String
    21 Acceptance Criteria workItem."Microsoft.VSTS.Common.AcceptanceCriteria" String