getUserByFullName (String displayName)

    Returns a user object based on a displayName (Full Name)
    Returns a null in case:

    • the user full name is not found
    • the Exalate user has no 'Browse Users' permissions
    Introduced in0.8

    For Jira Cloud

    According to the Atlassian changes in the user privacy policy, Jira Cloud user may hide their email address and Full Name in the Atlassian account settings.
    This affects user fields synchronization since Exalate uses API to search by email. Therefore, make sure that the email and Full Name are visible for the Exalate app in the Atlassian account.

    The Signature introduced in 0.8 works for Azure Devops until version 5.4.0.

    Example use

    // assign the issue to us if the remote has been assigned to one of ours
    if (nodeHelper.getUserByFullName(replica.assignee.displayName) != null) {
        workflowHelper.transition(issue, "Waiting for support")

    Example use in Azure DevOps 5.4.0

    workItem.assignee = nodeHelper.getUserByFullName(replica.assignee.displayName, issue.project.key)