Professional Services


    System integration is a task that generally requires expert knowledge to set up correctly.  Next to the synchronization itself, a good understanding of the underlying tracker technology is essential to do a proper integration project. And the whole project becomes more complicated when 2 or more independent parties are involved (such as when doing a cross-company integration).

    Shouldn't the Solution Cover All these Aspects? 

    Because of the complexity involved, the tooling is only a fraction of what needs to be agreed and implemented.  Many aspects need to be considered, such as:

    • What information needs to be transferred, at what point in time? 
    • What is the effect of such transmission?
    • What are the allowable values, and the semantic meaning of each field value? 
    • How are the mappings to be configured, under what condition?
    • How to validate and implement the synchronisation?
    • What is the size of the information and performance requirements? 
    • How are the systems monitored, by whom?
    • What are the escalation paths whenever something fails?
    • What about security, networking, backups, and DR scenarios?

    Why Professional Services?

    Acquiring the knowledge to do a proper integration, requires a lot of time. While it can be done in-house, it is advisable to outsource this type of project to experts who are dealing with these challenges on a daily basis.

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    Are there other options besides outsourcing?

    We do provide a community site where assistance can be found on a voluntary basis.

    The Exalate team will contribute if time allows. Support cases or paid-for professional services will get priority.