How to Sync Issue Change History in Jira On-premise

    Exalate allows syncing change history between Jira On-premise instances or sending over the change history info from the Jira Cloud instance. Issue change history is a list of change history items. The change history item includes several records, such as the person who made the change; the time at which the change was made; the new and old values of the field that was changed.

    Note: issue.changeHistory is an array of ChangeHistory.


    Object ChangeHistory

    id, author, created, changeItems

    Introduced in 1.0



    Field name


    Object type

    1 id
    2 Author
    3 created The creation timestamp Date
    4 changeItems
    Array of changeItems

    Please use the scripts below to synchronize change history.

    Source Side

    Outgoing sync

    replica.changeHistory = issue.changeHistory

    Destination Side

    Incoming sync

     issue.changeHistory = replica.changeHistory