Sync Select List (single choice) to comment field

     This article shows how to synchronize a select list with a comment field.

    Exalate allows syncing any kind of custom field type combination. For example, you have a custom field called Select List (select list Single Choice) and you want to add it's value to the comment field on the Destination side.

    Sending side

    Outgoing sync

    1 replica.customFields."Select list custom field name"  = issue.customFields."Select list custom field name"

    Receiving side

    Create/Change processors

    You can add a new comment including only the select list string value or format the comment with custom formatting. In both cases, use the addComment commentHelper method.

    Check examples below:

    • Add the source side select list custom field value into a new comment
    1 issue.comments = commentHelper.addComment(replica.customFields."Select list custom field name".value.value, issue.comments)
    • Add the source side select list custom field value as a new comment with custom text
    1 issue.comments = commentHelper.addComment(
    2     "The Select from RED side is: "+ replica.customFields."Select list custom field name".value.value, issue.comments
    3 )