Azure DevOps - Version 5.7.0

    Released for AZURE DEVOPS on October 26, 2023

    In this release, we've added some improvements and bug fixes.

    In this release


    • XLT-3700 List sorting. The following lists in the Exalate Console can be sorted: Connections, Triggers, Sync Queue, and Errors. This is designed to help you sort information in a meaningful way.
    • XLT-2798 Remove the "Twin trace ID" column on the Sync queue view.
    • XLT-3810 Remove the uppercase and underscores in Sync Queue.

    Bug fixes

    • XLT-2344  Filtering of Incoming sync by Local Issue key does not work.
    • XLT-2353 Filtering of Incoming attachments by Local Issue key does not work.
    • XLT-2356 Filtering of Outgoing sync by Remote Issue key does not work.
    • XLT-2357 Filtering of Outgoing attachments by Remote Issue key does not work.
    • XLT-3597 Connection page is opened while verifying admin access in visual mode.
    • XLT-3601 Error counter disappears only after the page reloads.
    • XLT-3603 Message now appears telling user to close window after clicking Decline when accessing the admin desk.
    • XLT-3974 Incorrect placeholder info when entering non existing project.
    • XLT-4007 Incorrect entity in the copy for Basic connection.
    • XLT-4010 Standardized License Expired message.
    • XLT-4080 Pasting from context menu was not working for Incoming/Outgoing script with Monaco IDE.
    • XLT-4088 Edit Comments mapping field in Visual Connection responds with a blank screen.
    • XLT-4104 The label Light mode should be removed.
    • XLT-4148 Issue type is missed in Connections > Last sync.
    • XLT-4149 Tooltip is appearing for Last sync date.
    • XLT-4153 Words on status Field on Sync Queues are not breaking explicitly when the word ends.
    • XLT-4182 Wrong column order on Trigger page and Trigger tab inside connection.
    • XLT-4183 Pagination is not reset if the user applies sorting on subsequent tabs on the Connection page.