How to Make any Jira Cloud REST API Call with the Jira Cloud HTTP Client

    This article shows how to do any Jira Cloud REST API calls that haven't been implemented into Exalate by making requests with the Jira Cloud HTTP client directly in the script rules.

    You can check the Jira Cloud REST API calls that can be useful for your specific configuration case. Below you can find some examples of how Jira HTTP Client can be used in Exalate configuration.

    GET request

    Automatically sync all sub-tasks when the parent issue is synced

    Source side

    Outgoing sync

    // Automatically sync all subtasks when syncing parent task
    httpClient.get("/rest/api/3/issue/" { it ->
        def subtaskKey = new com.exalate.basic.domain.BasicIssueKey(, it.key)

    POST request

    Transition outgoing issues automatically

    Source side

    Outgoing sync

    // Transition an issue automatically with a specified transition."/rest/api/2/issue/transitions", "{\"transition\":{\"id\":  \"123\"}}")

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