Jira Cloud - Version 5.8.1

    Released for Jira Cloud on January 22, 2024

    In this release, we've added some improvements and bug fixes. 


    • XLT-2845 Upgrade groovy to version 4.
    • XLT-3466 Restrict the long name connection to display on edit connection.
    • XLT-3472 Revoke access button should not be present after access was revoked.
    • XLT-3511 Rename "pending" status whenever a connection is deactivated.
    • XLT-3516 Columns copy on the Triggers screen.
    • XLT-3517 Improved asterisk consistency.
    • XLT-3521 Improved tables consistency.
    • XLT-3809 Add a close icon to every modal on the UI.
    • XLT-3818 Change “Remote Issue URN” to “Remote Entity URN“.
    • XLT-3878 Verification Confirmed screen improvements.
    • XLT-4226 Prevent the Outgoing sync and Incoming sync modals from collapsing when clicking the documentation link.
    • XLT-4227 Add close icon to module which don't have it.
    • XLT-4251 Copy button is added in Local and Remote replica.
    • XLT-4297 Entity Sync status page UI improvements.
    • XLT-4325 General Settings Toggle view.
    • XLT-4385 Stamping Visual Mode as BETA.
    • XLT-4425 Referrer Policy security should be implemented.
    • XLT-4426 Unsafe-inline or unsafe-eval directives in script-src should not be used.
    • XLT-4427 Disable caching on all HTTPS pages that contain sensitive data by using no-cache and no-store instead of private in the cache control header.
    • XLT-4447 Update Support links in Exalate console.
    • XLT-4505 Change link in Beta Label.
    • XLT-4506 Add link to Product Portal in the product footer links.

    Bug fixes

    • XLT-1728 Issue type isn't changing (Visual mode).
    • XLT-3576 Different notification when performing Bulk Unexalate.
    • XLT-3606 Clicking on links on verification window returns refused to connect.
    • XLT-3672 The whole 'Entity Urn' label container is clickable on 'Entity Sync Status' screen.
    • XLT-3678 Connections - Action menu out of boundaries.
    • XLT-3693 Add a link to tooltip message on Bulk Connect Advanced.
    • XLT-3813 Connections - Guide - Buttons focus size differs on each connector.
    • XLT-3928 Sync panel isn't hidden for non-admin user when it should be.
    • XLT-3958 Invalid query message icon has different color on each screen on Triggers tab.
    • XLT-4005 Input and select list fields are not aligned vertically in the Connection tab.
    • XLT-4154 Text inside toast for errors changed after sorting due to addition of the impact on Errors page.
    • XLT-4181 Cropped tooltip for generate invitation and edit connection buttons.
    • XLT-4397 Unexpected error during the sync attachment on the sorse side.