Jira Cloud - Version 4.1.6-AC (internal: 5.0.65)

    Released for  JIRA CLOUD on Feb 1, 2021

    We improved the sync of different formats in Visual mode connections. Also, we made a bunch of bug fixes and UI updates

    In this release


    ADNODE-296Improved multi text format sync in Visual mode connections


    Exalate will now send fewer emails
    SNOWNODE-224Entity type is now required when adding triggers

    Bug fixes

    JCLOUD-1516Fixed bug where the reporter was synced incorrectly in a local Visual mode connection
    ZENDESK-312Fixed bug where the list of connections wasn't shown in the issue view
    EXACOMP-981Fixed bug where expired licenses were shown as valid
    ADNODE-278Fixed bug where it was necessary to refresh the page to get the full list of custom fields
    EXACOMP-973Fixed bug with 2 Connect buttons appearing in the Entity Sync panel
    EXACOMP-902Fixed bug with the message suggesting to refresh the page not showing

    UI updates

    EXAEDIT-1183Fixed icon formatting and button alignment for the Initiate connection and Accept invitation screens in Safari
    ZENDESK-288Fixed alignment of the Go to remote button in the Initiate connection screen
    ADNODE-285Fixed alignment of the Sync existing option
    EXACOMP-639Fixed issue where the connection wasn't shown fully in the issue view
    EXACOMP-1008Updated the look of various buttons, tooltips, and screens