Jira Cloud - Version 5.2.0

    Released for JIRA CLOUD on August 2, 2021

    In this release, we've introduced a new feature that allows project admins to easily set up basic connections on the project level. Starting from version 5.2.0 project admins will be able to initiate connections right from the project configuration page. Check out how to Set up a Basic connection on a Project level. Also, we have added some bug fixes.

    In this release

    Bug fixes

    • JCLOUD-1567 Increased sync timeout
    • JCLOUD-1572 Fixed an error related to priority sync
    • JCLOUD-1574 Fixed the issue with triggers stop working if some specific projects are being referenced from the config
    • JCLOUD-1575 Fixed the issue with some triggers not showing on the triggers tab
    • EXAEDIT-1188 Fixed the weird drop-down behaviour on the visual connection config
    • EXACOMP-1350 Fixed the issue with basic connection failed to exalate after the connection was established on some platforms
    • EXACOMP-1035 Fixed the issue when a connection wasn't selected from the first attempt