Jira Cloud - Version 4.1.2-AC (internal: 5.0.16)

    Released for JIRA CLOUD on Feb 20, 2020

    In this release, we’ve added some bug fixes and improvements.

    In this release

    • EXAEDIT-773 Fixed validation for scrip rules
    • EXACOMP-469 Improved the error message
    • EXACOMP-449 Improved Bulk exalate messages
    • EXAEDIT-744 Fixed the flow to accept connection invitation
    • EXAEDIT-761 Improved fields mapping for attachments
    • EXAEDIT-754 Fixed buttons to work correctly
    • EXAEDIT-761 Fixed styling issues in add mapping modal screen
    • EXAEDIT-758 Added validation marks to the add mapping screen
    • EXACOMP-434 Improved styling for download support zip button
    • EXACOMP-433 Fixed the issue with the toggles
    • JCLOUD-1258 Added support for custom text fields mapping
    • EXAEDIT-682 Improved error message fonts
    • EXACOMP-428 Fixed the alignment of the publish button
    • EXAEDIT-746 Fixed connection name display on the error page
    • EXAEDIT-740 Fixed status mapping in Safari
    • EXAEDIT-685 Improve mapping errors
    • EXAEDIT-735 Add preselect option to the mapping
    • EXAEDIT-685 Fixed mapping for options rules
    • EXAEDIT-685 Added errors to script rules
    • EXAEDIT-675 Fixed the problem with a private connection
    • EXAEDIT-706 Added display of the connection type
    • EXAEDIT-702 Added possibility to configure the mapping between different field types