User Fields Don't Sync


    User fields don't sync assignee, reporter, watchers, voters, or custom fields of type User.

    Synchronization works, no specific errors are raised by Exalate. When syncing, the issue remains unassigned and the reporter field is empty.


     Due to major changes to Jira Cloud REST APIs which improve user privacy, we updated the getUser nodeHelper method. Now it relies on the AccountId for Jira Cloud.


    You need to replace nodeHelper methods in the Sync Rules.

    For Jira Cloud 

    Replace nodeHelper.getUserByUsername to nodeHelper.getUser or nodeHelper.getUserByEmail

    If the destination side is Jira Cloud

    Add the code below into the  Incoming sync (create/change processor) on your side.

    // set local assignee the same as remote using remote user accountId
    issue.assignee = nodeHelper.getUser(replica.assignee.key)
    issue.reporter = nodeHelper.getUser(replica.reporter.key)
    issue.assignee = nodeHelper.getUserByEmail(
    issue.reporter = nodeHelper.getUserByEmail(