Jira Cloud and On-premise Fields and Entities Available for Synchronization

    This page describes the reference of the entities and fields supported for synchronization from the Jira instance.

    Fields Supported in Issue Entity

    Issue object

    Field name Comment Hub object Object type
    1 id
    issue.id Long
    2 key The unique key of an issue. issue.key String
    3 summary The summary of an issue issue.summary String
    4 description The description of an issue. issue.description String
    5 environment The environment field. issue.environment String
    6 assignee The assignee of an issue. issue.assignee User
    7 reporter The reporter of an issue. issue.reporter User
    8 creator The creator of an issue. issue.creator User
    9 created Create the date of an issue. issue.created Date
    10 updated Update the date of an issue. issue.update Date
    11 status The current status of an issue. issue.status Status
    12 resolution An issue's resolution record, if the issue has been resolved or closed. issue.resolution Resolution
    13 type An issue type. issue.type Issuetype
    14 typeName The name of an issue type. issue.typeName String
    15 priority A priority field. issue.priority Priority
    16 affectedVersions Affects version. issue.affectedVersions An array of versions
    17 fixVersions A fix version. issue.fixVersions An array of versions
    18 due A due date. issue.due Date
    19 resolutionDate A date the issue is resolved. issue.resolutionDate Date
    20 originalEstimate An original estimate (time tracking field). issue.orginalEstimate Duration in seconds
    21 remainingEstimate A remaining estimate (time tracking field). issue.remainingEstimate Duration in seconds
    22 timeSpent A total time spent. issue.timeSpent Duration in seconds
    23 project The project this issue belongs to. issue.project Project
    24 projectKey The key of the project this issue belongs to. issue.projectKey String
    25 components All components of the projects this issue belongs to. issue.components An array of components
    26 workLogs Work logs. issue.workLogs Worklog
    27 labels Standard labels. issue.labels An array of labels
    28 links Links to related issues. issue.issueLinks An array of issue links
    29 votes A number of votes on this issue. issue.votes Long
    30 voters A list of users who voted for the issue. issue.voters Long
    31 watches A number of users watching the issue. issue.watches Long
    32 watchers A list of users watching the issue. issue.watchers An array of users
    33 customFields All  custom fields.
    issue.customFields An array of customfields
    34 comments All comments associated with the issue. issue.comments An array of comments
    35 addedComments  Comments that have been added since the last sync. replica.addedComments An array of comments
    36 changedComments

    Comments updated since the last sync.

    A comment gets updated if one of the listed  fields is updated:

    • author
    • body
    • create date
    • group (visibility)
    • role (visibility)
    • updateauthor
    • update date

    replica.changedComments An array of comments
    37 removedComments Removed comments since the last sync. replica.removedComments An array of comments
    38 components All components. issue.components An array of components
    39 attachments All attachments that are associated with the issue. issue.attachments An array of attachments
    40 addedAttachments Added attachments since the last sync. replica.addedAttachments An array of attachments
    41 removedAttachments Removed attachments since the last sync. replica.removedAttachments An array of attachments
    42 entityProperties Entity properties of the issue. issue.entityProperties Map of strings to objects
    43 customKeys An object that can be used for carring any type of information. issue.customKeys Map of strings to objects
    44 parentId Parent issue ID (used for parent-child relation in Jira Cloud & on-premise). issue.parentId String
    45 securityLevel An issue security level. issue.securityLevel SecurityLevel object
    46 changeHistory A change history of an issue. issue.changeHistory ChangeHistory Object
    47 approvers A list of approvers of an issue. issue.approvers An array of users

    Fields Supported in the Sprint Entity

    filed name variable type
    1 name sprint.name String
    2 state sprint.state String
    3 origin board ID sprint.originBoardId String
    4 start date sprint.startDate Date
    5 end date sprint.endDate Date
    6 complete date sprint.completeDate Date
    7 goal sprint.goal String