Exalate Cloud: Features, Clusters, and Location

    Exalate Cloud is a specialized Platform as a Service (PAAS) designed to host Exalate nodes. The Exalate application connects to a single task management system and operates as a single-tenant application. This means it has its own dedicated process, storage, and database space. This design choice ensures the highest level of information security and minimizes the risks associated with vulnerabilities often found in multi-tenant applications.

    Key Features:

    • Single-Tenant Application: Each Exalate application has its own dedicated resources, ensuring maximum security.

    • PAAS: Exalate Cloud is a platform optimized for hosting Exalate nodes, eliminating the challenges of on-premise deployment.

    • Kubernetes Clusters: The cloud infrastructure is built on Kubernetes (K8s), an open-source system renowned for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

    • Tier 4 Datacenters: Exalate Cloud is hosted in Tier 4 datacenters, known for their fault tolerance and high redundancy. They guarantee an impressive uptime of 99.995% annually.

    Where is Exalate Cloud located?

    As of November 2023, Exalate Cloud clusters are hosted at:

    • Google Cloud in Europe West 1 (Belgium)
    • LCL datacenter in Brussels (Belgium)

    Do all clusters offer the same level of security?

    Absolutely. All clusters are protected by state-of-the-art Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) systems, specifically the 'Cortex MDR' from Palo Alto. This infrastructure is monitored round-the-clock by a Security Operations Center (SOC) staffed by Cyber Security engineers. The monitoring service, provided by NVISO, has been validated by a MITRE ATT&CK test.

    Is the hosting GDPR compliant?

    Yes, all GDPR-related activities are seamlessly integrated into our processes. We prioritize securing privacy-related information, regardless of where operations are conducted.

    How does the cluster location affect Exalate Pricing?

    The Google Cloud location is reserved for Exalate's Enterprise, Premier Support, and Service Provider plans. These plans are priced higher than the Free, Evaluation, and Standard plans.

    Are all the clusters equally reliable?

    Yes, the technology underpinning Exalate's functionality remains consistent, regardless of hosting location. However, this doesn't apply to on-premise deployments.

    Can customers select their cluster hosting?

    Certainly! This feature is available to those on the Enterprise, Premier Support, and MSP plans.

    How do IP Addresses (ingress/egress) and whitelisting affect the clusters?

    Each hosting location has its unique set of ingress and egress IP addresses. If you're implementing IP whitelisting, you'll need to review and adjust your firewall settings based on the specific cluster details.

    Is there a performance difference between clusters?

    No, there's no performance impact based on the cluster where a node resides.