GitHub - Version 5.4.0

    Released for GITHUB on April 4, 2022

    In this release, we've added some improvements and bug fixes. 

    In this release


    • GITHUBNODE-235 Added multi-repo support
    • GITHUBNODE-281 Started checking if the issue belongs to the repo that is selected in the connection
    • GITHUBNODE-286 Added repo to the old Triggers after the migration
    • GITHUBNODE-287 Added validation to check if the repo in Trigger and Connection match
    • GITHUBNODE-294 Added an info message in Trigger for the old connections
    • GITHUBNODE-257 Added support of the getVersion NodeHelper
    • EXACOMP-1486 Fixed the warning message when there is an error in the Outgoing script rules
    • EXACOMP-1695 Added an explanation message that in case a connection is being created between instances with Free Plan and Network license, this connection needs to be built from the Network license side.

    Bug fixes

    • GITHUBNODE-199 Fixed the issue with Exalate not handling delete issue events
    • GITHUBNODE-273 Added a sync status when Accepting an invitation and entering an issue key to start the sync
    • GITHUBNODE-282 Fixed the "Cannot get connections" issue
    • GITHUBNODE-289 Added Account info to the General settings
    • EXACOMP-1659 Fixed the error message that appears while trying to sync an issue to a project that no longer exists
    • EXACOMP-1716 Fixed the Connect operation to the already synced issue
    • EXACOMP-1729 Fixed the issue with the sync queue being stuck when syncing around 500 issues with the Bulk Exalate 
    • EXACOMP-782 Fixed the issue when creating a Trigger with space instead of using JQL syntax
    • EXACOMP-1473 Fixed the cursor on the Initiate connection screen
    • EXACOMP-1608 Added FieldValues as a part of Clean-up
    • EXACOMP-1651 Fixed the Incorrect issue type being displayed when performing Exalate from the Connections tab
    • EXACOMP-1652 Fixed the issue in a Connections tab when could not get an entity status while performing Exalate with any type except for the case
    • EXACOMP-1687 Fixed the typo in the Basic connection initiation module