Error Creating or Updating Issue: Field Can't be Set


    Errors when creating or updating an issue.

    Possible error detail:
    It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown.


    The field is not associated with the Create Issue Screen or the Update Issue Screen. You need to associate the field with a screen before it will be displayed. Exalate cannot create or update a local issue if the field is not on the appropriate screen.

    Check more details about defining a screen in Jira.


    You need to associate the field with the appropriate screens.

    Make sure the field is assigned to the Create Issue screen and Update Issue screen.

    In some cases, this error can also be seen when the workflow status has a property that only allows certain groups to update the issue (as and the Exalate add-on user is not included there.

     In that case, you will need to include the property

    Check for more details on these status properties.