SQL Exception Thrown by the Active Objects Library


    When upgrading from Exalate 3. X version to 4. X the following error is raised:

    com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: The object 'U_AO_08F1AF_INSTANCE_NAME' is dependent on column 'NAME'.


    We are using Atlassian Active Objects framework to interact with the MS SQL database. A problem with a unique constraint on one of our database tables during the upgrade causes the error.

    U_AO_08F1AF_INSTANCE_NAME is a stale object, which relates to Exalate but is created by the Active Objects framework of the Jira on-premise instance. It fails to be cleaned up in the course of the upgrade.


    Drop the index U_AO_08F1AF_INSTANCE_NAME manually and re-install the Exalate app.