How to Sync Statuses in Zendesk

    In this article, we describe how to sync status between instances.

    You need to configure the mapping between statuses on both sides. The example below works for all supported issue tracking platforms.

    Source side

    Outgoing sync

    Send local status to the remote side:

    replica.status = issue.status 

    Incoming sync

    Set the local status based on the received status value from the remote side:

    def statusMap = [
           // "remote status name": "local status name"
             "To Do" : "new",
             "In Progress" : "working on it",
             "Done" : "canceled"
    def remoteStatusName =
    issue.setStatus(statusMap[remoteStatusName] ?: remoteStatusName)

    Alternatively, you can set the default local status using the getStatus node helper method.

    issue.setStatus("status name")

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