Jira Performance Issues Related to Multiple Issue Views Open at the Same Time


    In some cases, whenever a lot of users navigate to view issue screens at the same time, Jira's performance goes down seemingly due to a deluge of SQL queries.


    Every time you have an open tab with the issue view, Exalate will send the requests to the database to check for the sync status of the issue. Exalate queries the database anyway, no matter if the issue is under sync or not. The longer the issue stays in an open tab without refreshing, the rarer the requests are getting sent.


    You can resolve the issue during peak hours by trying the following workaround:

    1. Navigate to Addons -> Manage Apps and open Exalate
    2. Click on the list of enabled modules

    3. Find the Sync Status Issue Panel module and click Disable

    4. Find the Exalate Originating Issue Tab module and click Disable

      Disabling the Sync Status Issue Panel and Exalate Originating Issue Tab modules will prevent database performance issues.