Azure DevOps - Version 5.1.1

    Released for AZURE DEVOPS on Jan 28, 2021

    Now you can use a script to check if an issue is already under sync in a connection. For more info, check this article. We also made a bunch of UI updates and bug fixes

    In this release


    EXACOMP-859Added the possibility to check issues that are under sync. Check this article for more details
    EXACOMP-967Added the possibility to set up a customer monitor on your instance. 
    ADNODE-219Exalate Docker image now supports proxy servers
    EXACOMP-1006Exalate will now send fewer emails
    ADNODE-296Improved format sync in Visual mode connections
    EXACOMP-979Improved performance by reworking the data storage mechanism
    EXACOMP-972Implemented lazy loading. This improves performance by not overloading memory with data
    EXACOMP-789Improved general load time by updating the codebase

    Bug fixes

    ADNODE-145Fixed a bug where uninstall date wasn't updated after deleting Exalate
    ADNODE-278Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to map custom fields in connections between Azure DevOps and Jira Cloud
    ADNODE-302Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to sync an Area path to a text custom field
    ADNODE-301Fixed a bug where a work item wasn't created after a Visual mode sync
    EXACOMP-1007Fixed bug where Entity type wasn't required when adding triggers
    EXACOMP-973Fixed bug with 2 Connect buttons appearing in the Entity Sync panel
    ADNODE-258Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to sync an Area path or an Iteration path to a text custom field
    EXACOMP-902Fixed bug with the message suggesting to refresh the page not showing
    EXACOMP-981Fixed bug where expired licenses were shown as valid
    ZENDESK-228Fixed bug where the Set a default value field wasn't required when adding mapping for a Visual mode connection
    JCLOUD-1504Fixed bug with Visual mode connections getting stuck
    JIRANODE-3181Fixed bug where Sync Queue filter didn't work after Bulk Exalating multiple work items
    SNOWNODE-275Fixed bug where only one entity was shown as synced in Bulk Connect operations
    ZENDESK-301Fixed bug with the successful verification screen appearing after refreshing a page
    EXAEDIT-1182Fixed bug with the filter in Sync Queue working incorrectly
    EXACOMP-678Fixed a bug where the project name wasn't shown after disabling a Visual mode connection
    ADNODE-284Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to create a Visual mode connection between Azure DevOps and Jira Cloud if you are logged out of Azure DevOps
    ADNODE-295Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to verify access in Jira Cloud in a Visual mode connection with Azure DevOps
    ADNODE-186Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to sync attachments through Bulk Connect
    EXAEDIT-1190Fixed bug with drop-down items duplicating in the Edit mapping section

    UI updates

    EXACOMP-285Updated the look of the License Details section
    EXACOMP-1008Updated the look of various buttons, tooltips, and screens
    EXAEDIT-1183Fixed icon formatting and button alignment for the Initiate connection and Accept invitation screens in Safari
    ADNODE-285Fixed alignment of the Sync existing option
    EXACOMP-639Fixed an issue where the connection wasn't shown fully in the work item view
    ADNODE-297Fixed formatting of the Exalate button on the issue view for customized work item view
    EXACOMP-968Improved load time of the Bulk Exalate operation in the Triggers tab
    EXACOMP-787Updated the notification after making a Bulk Connect
    EXACOMP-964Bulk Connect and Triggers tabs load faster
    EXACOMP-621Removed the template selection for Script mode connections
    EXACOMP-922Fixed bug with pop-up alignment when going to an error from the Connections tab
    EXAEDIT-1031Fixed alignment of checkboxes in the Add mapping section for Visual mode connections