HP ALM/QC - Version 5.0.6

    Released for HP ALM/QC on Apr 10, 2020

    In this release, we've added some important bug fixes and improvements.

    If you are using 5.0.5 version, we strongly recommend to update your application to 5.0.6.

    In this release

    • HPQCNODE-909 - Fixed issue tracker error caused by creation-time
    • HPQCNODE-910 - Fixed the polling for updated to work only when the connection is active
    • EXAEDIT-829 - Improved the create connection flow to skip 'Install Exalate' step for cases, when the Exalate is already installed on the remote side
    • EXACOMP-548 - Fixed styling for instructions on the getting started page
    • JCLOUD-1320 - Improved the sync events to catch quick updates
    • EXACOMP-550 - Improved clean-up for stuck sync events
    • EXACOMP-544 - Fixed the connect operation to handle errors correctly
    • EXACOMP-553 - Added possibility to set a string value for select list options directly in the sync rules
    • ADNODE-92 - Fixed the trigger to display correctly
    • EXAEDIT-547 - Fixed the layout of the Getting Started page
    • EXAEDIT-549 - Fixed fonts to display correctly
    • EXACOMP-551 - Added automatic retry for transport errors
    • EXACOMP-556 - Fixed the problem with renaming connection to be not possible on the side, that accepts an invitation
    • EXACOMP-560 - Fixed the problem with connection drafts created for scripted connections
    • EXAEDIT-850 - Fixed the button "Done" on the final step of the initiate connection flow to work correctly
    • EXACOMP-563 - Fixed the problem with scheduling multiple sync events with duplicated twin trace and event number