Jira on-premise - Version 5.0.3

    Released for JIRA ON-PREMISE on Sep 7, 2020

    Updates to evaluation licensing, various UI improvements, and bugfixes.

    In this release


    EXE-779Added limit up to 1000 syncs per month and requirement to have an evaluation license on both ends to sync
    EXACOMP-721Updated attachment sending mechanism to sync attachments only once
    EXACOMP-734Added identification of nodes for license enforcement
    JIRANODE-2978Added support of a volume-based license

    Bug fixes

    EXACOMP-647Fixed error where Create button was active if not all required fields were selected in the Triggers tab
    EXACOMP-665Fixed bug with some requests being logged as gaps
    EXACOMP-757Fixed bug with instance crashing when a connection is deleted
    EXAEDIT-987Fixed issue with Adding scripts field being absent in Safari
    EXACOMP-726Fixed error when downloading a support.zip file caused crashes in large instances
    EXAEDIT-1009Fixed bug where large JQL queries were cut off for triggers
    EXACOMP-713Fixed problem when Delete connection button was not responsive for slow connections
    EXACOMP-645Fixed bug where filter by connection was not saved after pressing Refresh in the Errors tab
    EXACOMP-733Fixed bug where working with a network license did not allow access to other tabs except License details
    JIRANODE-3012Fixed error with string exceeding 255 characters
    EASE-5603Fixed issue with out of memory errors showing in Jira Service Desk

    UI updates

    EXAEDIT-946Added a notification when the loading time is longer than expected
    EXACOMP-654Updated fonts in the General Settings tab
    EXACOMP-635Fixed More details link in the Clean-up tools section
    EXACOMP-756Fixed typo for the support.zip download link
    EXAEDIT-753Updated UI for Local connection
    EXACOMP-758Added possibility to close pop-up windows by clicking outside of the window
    EXACOMP-704After setting up the first connection through scripts, users are redirected to sync configuration
    EXACOMP-724Action icons for the connection are always shown instead of on hover
    EXACOMP-705Added Go to remote button after copying invitation code
    EXACOMP-759Added link to the license agreement from the Getting Started tab
    EXACOMP-760Added a notification when a clean-up has started after pressing Clean up in the Clean-up tools
    EXACOMP-728Added progress indicator for actions that take some time
    JIRANODE-3032Updated information in the Support tab
    EXACOMP-731Added link to Generate invitation section from connections with Pending status
    EXAEDIT-991Updated text in confirmation messages for Delete Trigger, Bulk Exalate, Bulk Unexalate, and other sections
    EXACOMP-682Updated UI in the payment section
    EXACOMP-644Fixed pages overlap in the Connections tab
    EXACOMP-638Fixed overlap in the Triggers and Sync Queue tabs
    JIRANODE-3035Updated text for the error message when an incorrect field is synced
    EXAEDIT-1015Added links to a JQL tutorial from the Connection, Edit Connection, and Add Trigger sections