Zendesk - Version 5.4.10

    Released for ZENDESK on January 10, 2023

    In this release, we've added some bug fixes.

    In this release

    Bug fixes

    • XLT-2329 Fixed the spacing issue on the Support page 
    • CNSL-80 Fixed the cursor issue on the Initiate Connection screen while editing one of the following fields: "Local instance short name", "Remote instance short name", "Connection name" and "Description"
    • CNSL-107 Updated UI color coding of the buttons
    • CNSL-109 Fixed the error message flag position 
    • CNSL-121 Fixed the positioning of the elements on the Entity Sync Status page
    • CNSL-118 Updated pagination color coding on the License details page
    • CNSL-119 Fixed the logo position on the admin access details verification screen