HP ALM/QC - Version 5.0.0

    Released for HP ALM/QC on Mar 24, 2020

    In this release, we've added test case sync support and improved the first set up flow together with styling.

    In this release

    • HPQCNODE-868 - Added Test Cases sync support. Check How to Synchronize Test Cases for more details.
    • HPQCNODE-897 - Added possibility to sync custom fields with multiple options
    • HPQCNODE-895 - Fixed RPM start script errors
    • HPQCNODE-877 - Improved default sync rules with scripts for test cases
    • HPQCNODE-876 - Added new helper methods: qcHelper.getTestPlan and qcHelper.getTestType
    • HPQCNODE-864 - Added Entity status sync tab in the Exalate admin menu. Now you can search for the status sync of a defect or test case from this tab.
    • EXE-681 - Added new styling and changes to the first set up flow