System requirements to Install Exalate App On Premise

    Supported Operating System and Version

    Virtualization Support

    Exalate is a Tomcat application and can run on any virtual machine (VMware, VirtualBox, ...)

    Network Interface Speed Requirements

    • requests toward the other nodes should complete in under 120 seconds
    • requests toward the connected issue tracker should complete in under 120 seconds

    Memory Requirements(RAM)

    At least 4GB of memory 


    A dual-core CPU, sufficient for syncing ~ 200 transactions per hour.

    Storage Requirements (Disk Size)

    Depends on the amount of synchronization you will be performing (especially attachment size, if attachments would be synchronized).

    The minimal required Disk Space = (The application itself weighs less than 100 MB) + Java install (~200Mb) + Postgres Install (~200MB) + application data size.

    One synced issue (with default sync rules) takes a couple of KBytes in the database for the duration of the transaction

    The average disk space used: 762MB (application install+java+configuration) + 264MB (database) + 98MB (data) 

    Virus Protection Exclusions

    Not tested with any. If you encounter any particular problems we will help you with resolving them.

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