How to Update an Exalate License Key on Jira?

    After installing Exalate for Jira Cloud, you get an evaluation license that is managed by Atlassian. After purchasing an instance or a network license, you get an Exalate license key from us, that you need to update manually. This article describes how to update the license key.

    To update an Exalate license key:

    1. Unsubscribe From The Evaluation License.

    To unsubscribe from Exalate:

    1. Navigate to Settings -> Apps -> Manage apps in Jira Cloud or Settings -> Add-ons -> Manage apps in Jira on-premise.
    2. Select Exalate in the User-installed apps list.
    3. Click Stop trial.
    4. Click Unsubscribe.

    2. Update The License Key.

    You can edit the License Details menu only after unsubscribing.

    To update the license key:

    1. Click License Details in the Exalate section.
    2. Click License Key.
    3. Paste the license key.
    4. Click Update.