Zendesk - Version 5.0.21

    Released for ZENDESK on Sep 11, 2020

    Various user interface improvements and bug fixes.

    In this release

    • ZENDESK-234  Updated the retry mechanism to reduce the amount of sync errors
    • ADNODE-184  Fixed bug with instances crashing when deleting connections
    • EXACOMP-705  Added Go to remote button after copying invitation code
    • EXAEDIT-1009  Fixed bug where large JQL queries were cut off for triggers
    • EXACOMP-682  Updated UI in the payment section
    • EXAEDIT-1059  Fixed error with project not loading when creating connection through visual mode
    • EXAEDIT-991  Updated text in Delete Trigger, Bulk Exalate, Bulk Unexalate, and other confirmation screens
    • EXACOMP-638  Fixed formatting of windows with action buttons
    • EXACOMP-644  Fixed formatting of pages in the bottom of the Connections tab
    • JCLOUD-1420  Fixed bug with a mapping error being displayed as a "missing description" error
    • EXAEDIT-832  Added access to license agreement from the Getting Started tab
    • EXACOMP-733  Fixed bug when other tabs except License Details weren't accessible with the network license
    • EXACOMP-731  Added link to Generate invitation section from connections with Pending status
    • EXACOMP-645  Fixed bug where filter by connection was not saved after pressing Refresh in the Errors tab
    • EXAEDIT-1015  Added links to a JQL reference from the Connection, Edit Connection, and Add Trigger sections
    • EXACOMP-734  Added identification of nodes for license enforcement
    • JIRANODE-3032  Updated information in the Support tab
    • EXACOMP-713  Fixed bug when Delete connection button was not responsive for slow connections
    • JIRANODE-2779  Added a notification when a clean-up has started after pressing Clean up in the Clean-up tools
    • EXACOMP-728  Added progress indicator for actions that have a longer loading time
    • EXACOMP-727  Fixed bug with menus not showing after adding a license to an unlicensed copy
    • EXACOMP-726  Fixed problem with loading a support .zip file when syncing a lot of issues
    • ZENDESK-235  Fixed issue when syncing comments between Zendesk and Jira Cloud
    • ZENDESK-165  Added fields of User type
    • ZENDESK-231  Fixed bug with error messages displaying the email of the remote instance