Setting up a Connection

    What is a Connection?

    A connection between two instances specifies the synchronization behavior. Each connection includes information about two instances and describes how they are related to each other.

    Connection Statuses

    • Pending

      The connection is pending, waiting for acceptance from the other side.
    • Active

      A connection has been established and synchronization messages start to go out. You can now synchronize issues.
    • Deactivated

      Synchronization is paused, but changes are queued for a later update. Once you activate the connection, all changes will be applied.

    Setting Up a Connection

    Setting up a Connection is one of the first steps you will need to perform after installing Exalate on your instance. You can then configure the connection and start your synchronization. 

    To set up a Connection one side initiates the Connection and the other side accepts the Connection invitation. However, it does not matter which side starts first, the Exalate UI remains the same. 

    Note: Before setting up a connection it is important to understand the:

    Connection types: public, private, and local

    Configuration modes: Basic, Visual, and Script.