Removing HTML Tags from text in Exalate for Azure Devops

    Azure DevOps sends data in HTML during a sync. In some cases, other work management systems can't render HTML correctly. This can cause errors when syncing text fields or images.

    You can use stripHtml to remove HTML tags and send data as plain text.

    We recommend using an alternative method in syncs between Azure DevOps and Jira Cloud.  For more information, please read this article

    In Visual connections, HTML tags are removed from descriptions by default.

    Azure DevOps

    Outgoing Sync

    Use the following script to remove HTML tags:

    replica.description = nodeHelper.stripHtml(workItem.description)

    This method does not work if you are converting data from Markdown to HTML in Jira Cloud.

    In this case, you need to replace nodeHelper.stripHtml(workItem.description)with workItem.description.

    The updated script in Azure DevOps would look like this:

    replica.description = workItem.description

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