Jira Cloud - Version 4.1.2-AC (internal: 5.0.40)

    Released for JIRA CLOUD on Apr 28, 2020

    In this release, we’ve added some improvements and bug fixes.

    In this release

    • EXAEDIT-684 - Added possibility to filter issues in visual connections
    • EXAEDIT-881 - Improved error messaging and stability for the connection creation flow
    • EXAEDIT-877 - Fixed visual connection stuck in pending status
    • ZENDESK-167 - Fixed the problem with duplicated scope in visual connections
    • ZENDESK-166 - Fixed the problem with mapping 
    • EASE-4562 - Improved custom fields sync using script rules
    • ZENDESK-143 - Fixed the default value recovery for text fields
    • EXACOMP-495 - Fixed the problem with syncing issues from the issue status sync page