Jira Cloud - Version 5.4.6

    Released for  JIRA CLOUD on November 24, 2022

    In this release, we've introduced new Exalate branding. We have also added some improvements and bug fixes.

    In this release


    • CNSL-2 Introduced new Exalate branding
    • CNSL-31 Added an info message when deleting a trigger from a connection
    • XLT-799 Improved the error messages
    • XLT-802 Improved the ChangeHistory object with the Timezone
    • XLT-805 Added a tooltip in Bulk Connect when syncing existing worklogs

    Bug fixes

    • XLT-705 Fixed the issue when using nodeHelper.getOption in Jira Cloud to Jira Cloud connection
    • XLT-706 Fixed the connections list view on the Sync Panel
    • XLT-707 Fixed the issue with saving Sync rules for the external scripts
    • XLT-778 Fixed the issue when modifying General Settings and turning all the toggles ‘off’
    • XLT-779 Fixed the error while syncing issues vis Connections actions
    • XLT-780 Fixed the white screen issue when navigating to any category from the Exalate Menu Panel
    • XLT-783 Fixed the issue with the updates of non-touched fields in Jira Service Management
    • XLT-784 Fixed the issue with the Sync Panel not showing up on the issue view
    • XLT-785 Fixed the empty space problem in the Sync panel on the issue view
    • XLT-787 Improved Exalate API security
    • XLT-788 Fixed the problem with Exalating an issue from both Connections Actions and after the Connection setup process
    • XLT-793 Fixed the problem while Connecting an issue from the Sync Panel
    • XLT-795 Fixed the issue with initiating a Visual Connection between two  inactive Jira Cloud instances 
    • XLT-796 Fixed the issues while configuring the Visual Connection
    • XLT-797 Fixed the issue with the Connect operation performing twice
    • XLT-800 Fixed the action buttons’ position on hover
    • XLT-801 Fixed the exceptions when General Settings are empty
    • XLT-807 Fixed the issue with the Unexalate action vis Sync Panel cleaning up a wrong issue
    • XLT-808 Fixed the error while updating the event via triggers in Visual Connection between 2 Jira Cloud instances
    • XLT-809 Fixed the errors while Exalating an issue from the Sync Panel where there is a Script Connection between 2 Jira Cloud instances
    • XLT-810 Fixed the issue with the Sync Panel not being available on the issue view after a fresh Jira Cloud installation and a new Visual Connection
    • XLT-956 Fixed the Clean up by entity operation
    • CNSL-35 Fixed the License details page when there was a Trial license selected
    • CNSL-56 Improved user interaction when deleting a connection