How to Sync Catalog Task on ServiceNow

    This article shows how to synchronize the Catalog Task entity on ServiceNow. Exalate app allows you to synchronize different entity types on ServiceNow. You can add sync rules to synchronize each entity type separately or combine sync rules for multiple entities within one connection.

    List of available fields in supported entities.


    Source side(ServiceNow)

    Outgoing sync

    To send the Catalog Task data use the code below: 

    if(entityType == "sc_task") {
      replica.summary = catalogTask.short_description
      replica.key            = catalogTask.key
      replica.description = catalogTask.description
      replica.priority       = catalogTask.priority
      replica.attachments = catalogTask.attachments
        ///other fields supported by the Catalof Task entity

    Destination side(ServiceNow)

    You need to map the incoming entities. For example:

    • Jira issue of type improvement to the ServiceNow Catalog Task

    To create Catalog Task with the received information on your side add the code below:

    if(replica.issueTypeName == "Task") { // if the received issue typeName is Task create Catalog Task on ServiceNow
        catalogTask.short_description = replica.summary
        catalogTask.description = replica.description
        catalogTask.priority = nodeHelper.getPriority(replica.priority?.name)
    	catalogTask.attachments += replica.addedAttachments
        ///other fields supported by the Catalog Task entity

    To start the synchronization create a trigger for every entity type separately.

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