Complex Workflows with Advanced Validations


    Jira workflow transitions can have conditions and validations.

    When syncing statuses between Jira instances the workflow may have some conditions and validators set.

    With the Exalate flexibility, you can ensure that workflow conditions and validators don't require changes or use advanced groovy scripting to fulfill required conditions and validations.


    In your Jira workflow, you have a transition with a validator such as 'Required Field'.

    When the transition is executed validator checks whether the required field has a value. If there's no value in the field, the transition cannot be executed.

    Exalate allows setting a value in the required field on your side. Meaning that you can set a default value if you don't receive the value from the remote side. Alternatively, you can use another field's value received from your partner and populate the required field with this received value.

    Ignore workflow conditions and validations

    Exalate ignores all conditions and validators when syncing statuses and you don't need to adapt workflows. This approach is applicable for Jira On-premise status synchronization.

    For Jira Cloud, you would need to use advanced groovy scripting as described below.

    Configure Advanced Sync Rules to fulfill Workflow Conditions and Validations

    Check how to set up an advanced scripting environment for more details.


    To be able to develop advanced synchronization scripts a development background and a good understanding of Groovy and the entities of the underlying issue tracker and Exalate itself are required.

    In case of need, we can provide training and professional services to deliver the solution you're looking for. Please contact for more information.