Script Rules Auto-Completion

    Script Rules Auto-Completion

    API Auto-Completion

    When working with Groovy scripts you can take advantage of the auto complete feature as you write your code.   

    The example below is designed to give you an idea how the process works. Keep in mind that the script rules editor provides suggestions specific to the issue tracker. 

    Note: This feature is available for Jira Cloud, Zendesk, Azure Devops, ServiceNow, Salesforce, and GitHub.

    Note: The auto-completion suggestions are based on a set list of key words and are not type-aware. In other words, if you type "issue" you are given a list of options, but if you type "issue2" no options appear. 

    Exalate API list supported for auto-suggestion (if supported by the connector):

    Note: For mouse control, the Hotkeys (Windows and iOS) are  CTRL+FN+Space.

     Note: For more information on script writing, please see the Exalate API reference Documentation.

    Custom Fields auto-Completion

    Note: This feature is available for Jira Cloud, Zendesk, ServiceNow,  Salesforce, and Azure Devops. For ServiceNow and Salesforce, only some entity types are supported.

    ServiceNow supported entity types:

    Salesforce supported entity types:

    The process  for custom field auto-completion is the same, but in this case users get suggestions of custom field names available within the issue tracker as they type issue.customFields.{list of available custom fields} when writing Groovy sync rules.