Think of me as your personal guide for everything Exalate! Looking for quick answers or deep dives into specific topics? I'm here to help you find it.

    Hi, I’m Aida!

    I’m here to answer your Exalate-related questions.
    Please keep in mind:

    • I have been trained using various data sources so you might not find all my answers in our Documentation.
    • I might make mistakes, just like any other AI assistant. So if you’re not sure about my answer, you can always reach out to one of my human colleagues.
    • I can’t generate configurations but I can fetch existing code snippets from the Exalate Documentation.
    • To provide more accurate answers, we’d like to collect your questions. So please be mindful with the data you’re sharing with me.

    Go ahead and ask me anything! - Exalate related that is 😉