HP ALM/QC - Version 5.0.7

    Released for HP ALM/QC on May 06, 2020

    In this release, we've added some important bug fixes and improvements.

    In this release

    • HPQCNODE-824 - Improved HP ALM/QC user password encoding stored in General Settings
    • HPQCNODE-820 - Fixed the problem with blocked synchronization when defect deleted during a state that checks if a defect is locked
    • HPQCNODE-937 - Improved error handling for cases when Exalate failed to schedule events due to problem login with proxy user
    • HPQCNODE-888 - Added changes that happen in WorkerSchedulerService for HP ALM
    • HPQCNODE-910 - Improved polling mechanism not to poll for updates when the connections are deactivated
    • HPQCNODE-856 - Improved finding the field physical name with the link in the Sync Rules tab
    • HPQCNODE-940 - Improved setting empty value to user field
    • EXE-450 - Improved error handling
    • EXACOMP-554 - Added possibility to get issueUrl in the context of the syncRequest
    • EXE-499 - Renamed support.zip file to exalate_support.zip 
    • EXACOMP-459 - Reduced the quantity of data sent over when front end request list of connections
    • SNOWNODE-139 - Improved status sync to work for all entities 
    • EXACOMP-572 - Fixed Clean-up by connection to work for all entity types
    • SNOWNODE-133 - Added Unexalate operation for Entity Sync Status screen
    • EXACOMP-574 - Fixed memory leak detected every time the groovy script is run
    • EXE-658 - Added syncHelper.unExalateAfterProcessing() method
    • EXACOMP-579 - Improved monitor tools
    • EXACOMP-511 - Improved default sync rules with code comments with an explanation
    • EXACOMP-416 - Improved confirmation message for clean-up tools
    • EXAEDIT-747 - Improved the invitation to include only an invitation code, without an additional message
    • EXACOMP-590 - Improved login page with the issue tracker URL
    • EXAEDIT-833 - Added an active link to the issue tracker URL in the General Settings
    • EXACOMP-487 - Improved payload json file of sync entities on Sync Queue details
    • EXAEDIT-813 - Enlarged the id column of the sync queue such that it can display 7 digit ids
    • EXACOMP-515 - Improved creation date display in errors
    • EXACOMP-529 - Improved the Sync Queue with links to errors and details