Known issue: permission warnings in Exalate logs

    Known issue: permission warnings in Exalate logs


    Exalate can be used by proxy users with different permissions sets. Proxy user permissions can be restricted to some specific projects. At the same time, there could be many other projects in use. In this case, Exalate checks on every issue update and sometimes reports permissions warnings in the log file.


    Given Exalate proxy user with restricted access to only one project named "ABC". Also, given the following trigger query,


     whenever any issue is updated, Exalate reports a permission problem - even when the issue is not part of the "ABC" project.


    Exalate processes the trigger on every sync event, no matter if the issues belong to project "ABC" or not. This is required to validate if all trigger conditions are met.
    When such query has been processed, Exalate logs report the permission warning. The sync, however, goes smoothly, according to the trigger conditions. 

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