Note: For the method to work on Azure DevOps, make sure that the user is part of the team that has access to the Azure DevOps project.


    Helper nodeHelper

    Jira Server: getUser(String userKey)

    Jira Cloud: getUser(String accountId)

    Azure DevOps:

    getUser(String userKey), getUserByUsername(username: Stringis the same as getUserByFullName(username: String)

    Salesforce: getUser(String userKey)


    Returns a user object
    Null in case the user is not found

    Introduced in 0.8

    Note: The Signature introduced in 0.8 works for Azure Devops until version 5.4.0.

    Example use

    Set the local issue assignee based on the remote issue assignee using the method.

    issue.assignee = nodeHelper.getUser(replica.assignee.key)