How to Sync Work Item Fields Obtained through a REST API Call in Azure DevOps

    Exalate for Azure DevOps can sync the most common work item fields. You can check them in Azure DevOps: fields and entities available for synchronization.

    In Azure DevOps, it is also possible to get a full list of fields through a REST API call. This article shows how to view and sync such fields.

    For more information about the REST API call, see Microsoft documentation.

    How to Send a REST API Call in Azure DevOps?

    To send a REST API call:

    1. Log in to your Azure DevOps instance.
    2. Enter the following REST API call in your browser:{organization}/{project}/_apis/wit/fields?$expand={$expand}&api-version=6.0

      Call parameters

      Parameter Description


      Organization name


      Project name


      Additional fields you want to view. You can use these parameters:

      • extensionFields to view extension fields.
      • includeDeleted to view deleted fields.
      • none to view default fields.

    As a result of the call, you see information about all fields. This example shows the response for the Application Launch Instructions field:

       "name":"Application Launch Instructions",
       "description":"Instructions to launch the specified application",
             "name":"Contains Words"
             "name":"Does Not Contain Words"

    How to Sync Obtained Fields?

    This script example shows how to sync the Application Launch Instructions field with the reference name Microsoft.VSTS.Feedback.ApplicationLaunchInstructions.

    Outgoing Sync

    replica.customKeys."Instructions" = workitem."Microsoft.VSTS.Feedback.ApplicationLaunchInstructions"

    Incoming Sync

    workitem."Microsoft.VSTS.Feedback.ApplicationLaunchInstructions" = "Press the red button"

    This script example shows how to sync Microsoft.VSTS.CodeReview.AcceptedBy to a select list field.

    Outgoing Sync

    replica.customKeys."Select list custom field name" = workitem."Microsoft.VSTS.CodeReview.AcceptedBy"

    Incoming Sync

    workitem."Microsoft.VSTS.CodeReview.AcceptedBy" = "User example"

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