Jira on-premise - Version 5.2.3

    Released for JIRA ON-PREMISE on September 15, 2021

    In this release,  we've added some improvements and bug fixes.

    In this release


    • EXACOMP-1293 Added a permanent message after Bulk connect is finished
    • EXACOMP-1384 Updated naming for the Free Plan
    • EXACOMP-1394 Added a type of the last synced entity to the connection status

    Bug fixes

    • EXACOMP-1294  Fixed the Save/Cancel button positioning in Filter entities after entering an email in Created by/Assigned to
    • EXACOMP-1345 Fixed the Delete Trigger modal visualization
    • EXACOMP-1296 Fixed the Delete Connection modal visualization
    • EXACOMP-1400 Fixed the License details page when there is an active Free Trial license
    • EXACOMP-1421 Fixed the issue with Free Plan status not reporting correctly
    • EXACOMP-1429 Fixed the License limitation error