Overlap between Custom Fields and System Fields


    You have a field that is not syncing. Exalate does not generate any error message. The information from one specific field does not sync. Other fields sync without any problems.


    Jira allows to create a custom field with the same name as the system field.

    This problem might be caused by different reasons:

    • there's a custom field with the identical name as one of the system fields.
    • sync rules are not configured correctly.


    1. Check if there is a custom field with the same name as the system field in your Jira
    2. Check Sync rules:
      1. Source side: Outgoing sync must include code to send the field.
      2. Destination side: Incoming sync must include code to populate local issue with the received data.



    • Jira custom field called Description
    • Jira system field called Description

    To sync the custom field Description you should use the following code

    Source side: Outgoing sync

    replica.customFields."Description" = issue.customFields."Description"
    Destination side: Incoming sync
    issue.customFields."Description" = replica.customFields."Description".value

    To sync the system field Description the code is following

    Source side: Outgoing sync

    replica.description = issue.description

    Destination side: Incoming sync

    issue.description = replica.description